Reading Wave was created out of inspiration and necessity.  As a teacher, I always struggled to find a program that not only had the essential tools for learning to read in an easy, comprehensive form, but also engaged my students in a way that was meaningful to them. I was tired of programs that used only one way to teach and I didn’t like plunking my students down in front of a computer for too long. 

As I used the pieces of these incomplete programs, I consistently noticed that my students would instinctively move as they struggled to learn their lessons.  At first I felt it was my duty to make them sit still and listen, but then I realized that method made both my students and I feel like we had failed.  It was very discouraging.   So, I slowly began doing what my students so intuitively wanted to do; play, move, and have fun with me.  I began making up and telling stories, singing songs, playing games, and moving with my students.  They loved it.  Their frustrated little frowns turned into smiles of delight.  They started learning, and learning quickly. 

I wanted to make sure the program I created really did work and so I set up reading classes in my home, in the local gym, and in schools.  It was a success and I knew that I had to find a way to get the program out to the broader community of teachers and parents who are searching, just like I was, for a better program for their children.  With the help of Jade, Keli and the students, Reading Wave was born.  May you enjoy teaching it as much as I do. 

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