About Us

Hear directly from us about Reading Wave and our inspiration.

Our Team



Creator and Co-Founder

Angela is the creator and co-founder of Reading Wave. She has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and has been a teacher for 22 years.

She has taught preschool through 12th grade but has spent most of her years teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade, which is typically when children learn to read. She’s always been interested in the process of learning to read and has researched it extensively, as well as used various reading programs trying to find the best one for her students.

She found that most programs lacked three main things; movement, play and interaction. She created Reading Wave for her own classroom and found it highly effective. Now she wants to share it with you.



Publisher and Co-Founder

Jade is the publisher and co-founder of Reading Wave.

She is the layout designer and editor during the development process. She handles the day-to-day operations of the business and loves to do marketing.

Jade is a graduate of San Diego State University and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in Spanish. She has two children with her husband.




Keli is a teenager growing up on Kauai and has loved to draw from an early age. She loves primarily using pencils and digital art. She has grown up drawing mostly animals, more specifically mythological creatures and horses. She draws as a hobby, but hopes to learn and improve more in the future.

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