Set 12 E-BOOK


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Three reading levels for ages 3-8

80 pages


10 screen-free Move and Play Reading Games ™  (2x letter “e”, letter partners “ea” & “ee”, word family “-id”, sight words: each, eat, ate, apple, did, tree, will)

Loke’s Kapa Multilevel Storybook (12 pages)

I Eat Apples Sight Word Book (14 pages)

The Lid Word Family Book (14 pages)

Apples on the Tree  Wave to Fluency Book (14 pages)

Printable Multilevel Workbook (16 pages)

5-day lesson plan for three reading levels


Set 12 teaches

letter: Ee (short sound and long sound)
letter partners: ea/ee
word family: -id
sight words: each, eat, ate, apple, did, tree, will


Multilevel  —  Three reading levels for kids ages 3 to 8. Use with siblings or throughout the years as your child grows.

Move and Play Reading Games  —  Screen-free reading games are a kid-approved twist to traditional learning. They encourage kids’ participation and enhance brain development.

Original stories Set in Hawaii, fun illustrations by local teen, stories are color coded for each reading level.


Safety and Warnings
This product is intended for ages 3+
Not suitable for children under age 3
Adult supervision required for all Move and Play Reading Games
Do not leave children unattended
For indoor or outdoor use
To prevent serious injury, play Move and Play Reading Games in an open space with a dry surface
Falls onto hard surfaces can result in serious injuries
Instruct children on the proper use of this product and not in a manner other than intended
Do not allow children to climb on an object that is unstable or wet
Always secure paper or cards to the ground surface with tape to prevent slipping


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