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Is my child ready to learn how to read? 


When your child shows the following signs, it is most likely that he or she is ready to read:


  1. He is motivated!  He will ask you to read to him more frequently and will pretend to read the books when you are not reading to him.
  2. He will hold books the proper way and “read” from left to right.
  3. He will begin to recognize print, such as letters or words that he frequently sees.  He may also be able to recognize popular signs, logos, and names on commonly used items.
  4. He can retell stories from books that you have read her.
  5. He will begin to recognize words that rhyme.

Do I have to do the lessons every day?


No.  It is important to make learning to read fun, not a chore.  You should take at least one day off a week to let you and your student rest.  Also, if you and your student are just not into it, don’t force it.  Wait until a better time so that the you and the student stay focused and motivated.


That being said, we have found that the program works best when it is used daily, at least five days in a row, with daily review.  We have included a direction page that guides you in that five day process. The direction page is color-coded in case you would prefer to only focus on the steps for your child’s reading level. For example, for a single student you’ll do approximately three to five steps a day; for multiple students of different reading levels or siblings, we recommend all five steps.


Reading Wave can be used in a flexible way. On a particularly busy day, you may only do one step. Especially as you get better acquainted with the program, you’ll start to see how you can use it best for your family.


How much time should I spend on a lesson each day?


In general, the time can range from 20-45 minutes, or longer if you’re having fun! Part of that answer depends on how many of the five steps you do that day. The Move and Play Activities and Reading Games take a small amount of time to gather a few household items, and the activities themselves can be repeated over and over again as long as your student is interested.


What if my child isn’t able to do the movement-based activities?


It is always OK to improvise.  If the activity asks the child to hop on one foot, he can just tap his foot.  If the activity is to bounce a ball and your student can’t, she can roll the ball instead.  There are also various “play” activities that don’t use large motor muscle movements that your student can participate in.


My child has a learning disability, will this work?


Children develop and learn at different speeds and so this program is designed to be multilevel.  We recommend that you begin your student with the lowest level and go from there. Reading Wave has all the components listed by professionals as being a good program for children with special needs. These include daily reviews, phonemic instruction, lists of objectives, guided practice, individual practice, and evaluations. 


I have a large class, do I need more sets? 


We recommend ordering enough sets for small group practice. The workbooks will be available as printables on the Teaching Tools page, great to use as homework. Coming in 2018, you can order classroom sets of the books as well as homework sets of the activity cards for each student.


For struggling readers, you could recommend the full Reading Wave program for parents to supplement at home.


Does this satisfy language arts requirements? 


Yes! You may look up your state’s standards for language arts by grade.  You will find that our program meets the standards and more for Kindergarten and First Grade.

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