I’m too familiar with using the TV or a device as a technological babysitter. I feel that’s an example of a normal parent these days, living with the ease of distracting our kids with a movie or an app while we do housework or cook meals. During my son’s toddler years, I could calm his tantrums with an app he loved. There was even a time when he had a tablet out and available for his use at will. During “break time”, I would have to pry it out of his hands with screams and tears testing my fortitude. Alarmingly, staring at a screen was starting to look like an addiction, so we put it away for good and use it only for air travel.

It’s said that we’re “more connected than ever” with all of the advancements in technology. Yet, I feel there’s a real disconnect happening inside the home. The introduction of tablets has increased the number of screen in many homes, including mine.

I’m a part of the first wave of new parents with Facebook and social media. In fact, Facebook came out when I was in college and at the time it was only for college students. Parenting today is completely unlike the parenting that came before us, and its up to us parents to recognize what lifestyle habits we’ve created with devices that are simply not working for the family.

I became more and more annoyed with myself looking at a smartphone throughout the day, mostly out of habit and, more often that not, for no significant reason at all. I downgraded to a flip phone and I’m no longer the person staring a screen everywhere I go. I talk to the elderly a lot more when I’m out, but my kids are the ones getting the benefit of more undivided attention.

I started using Reading Wave with my son when he began to show more interest in books, as well as TV shows with the “ABCs”. I believe Reading Wave came into my life to give my little ones and I a way of operating on the same wavelength. I’m incredibly grateful to know this program provides so much more than simply learning how to read. I believe Reading Wave will be the answer to families looking for a way to interact with each other more in a creative, fun and intellectual way. I hope any family looking to help their kids learn to read, or make a shift in their home or daily lives will find and use Reading Wave.

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