Move and Play Reading Lessons

Due to COVID-19, we’re now offering our Move and Play reading lessons as e-books.

A new set is published every Monday. Stay healthy and have fun!

Multilevel E-Books


Download and teach without leaving home!

Three reading levels for kids ages 3-8

Screen-free Move and Play Reading Games TM

Original Color-coded Stories set in Hawaii

Printable Multilevel Workbooks

Lesson Plans for three reading levels

Move and Play Reading Games™

Reading Wave is the first comprehensive language arts program to put movement and play at the core of a reading curriculum. 

Reading Wave author, Angela Kuzma, has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.  She created Reading Wave by observing the kids in her class who weren’t responding to the many programs she had purchased.  Seeing the kids move around in their seats while they were reading inspired her to re-think how we teach kids. 


Reading Wave is a 26-set program with more than 200 screen-free Move and Play Reading Games.

Printed set is on hold until further notice

Accordion folder with 26 sets for kids ages 3 to 8

Convenience pack:

  • Toys to go with the Move and Play Reading Games
  • School supplies

Learn more about our multilevel language arts curriculum!

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